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8 Places in Oshawa (Ontario) to Go On Your First Date

First date. First date. First date. This is a moment that everyone is looking forward. They get excited. They cannot sleep. And even more, they are on a situation to think where the perfect place to go on that first date is. Get away with that panicking thoughts and stop over reacting. If you are living in Oshawa, Ontario, here are the eight suggested places that you can go to make that first date of yours become more impressive, memorable and most of all, adventurous not only for you, but also for your date partner.

Parkwood National Historic Site

This place is perfect for couples who want to go on a first date. In December, the place is filled with amazing Christmas lights. You can also have your delicious lunch at teahouse. When you are at the place, it feels like you are a couple of a film since many movies are shot at this place.

Canadian Automotive Museum

If you and your date partner love cars, this museum can make an impression at your date. There are many cars displayed, so you can freely take photos of you wish.

Grand River Rafting

You and your significant date partner never have to go somewhere else to experience paddle boarding. Grand River Rafting can give you a stand up paddle boarding lesson for only $90. With an affordable price, you and your date partner can enjoy the river adventure.

Lakeview Park

After eating with you dinner at the famous food restaurants at the place, stroll at Lakeview Park if both of you are looking for a warm evening. More info

Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden

Simply beautiful! That is how couples described this place. Visit this place as it renders a captivating view of gorgeous flowers and landscapes. This can also be your venue at your future wedding. Yay! More info

Oshawa Zoo

This place is not only good for children, but also for adults, especially for couples who love to feed and be entertained with adorable pets – A very friendly place indeed.

Oshawa Game and Entertainment Center

This is where true adventure exists. There are lots of things to do here. If you want to get the sweat out from your body, want to explore the never-before adventure of your life, and want to make your date memorable, Oshawa Game and Entertainment Center is the perfect venue for your date.

White Feather Country Store

Stroll at the beautiful place and purchase some unique gifts for your partner here. If both of you love shopping, the place caters nice goods for shoppers. After the tiresome shopping, grab a bite at the nearest little café. More info

Because we know that you are thriving to have an adventure and adrenaline, we suggest those perfect places for you to go on a date. We also understand that you are not the type of partner who are fully satisfied of sitting on a couch and watch romantic video, these exciting places are provided for another set of date adventure. Enjoy!

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